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Who is Mike Brown?

Mike has worked in sales related industries for over 25 years, selling everything from industrial robotics, to luxury yachts in the USA, to million plus properties.

Returning to Australia in 2000 after 8 years abroad, Mike launched into Real estate with Barry Plant, (2003) winning rookie of the year, Top income earner and the No 1 selling Agent award for the entire network of 500 Agents, and handfuls of other prestigious awards (see below).

His determination to take Real Estate selling to a new level of integrity was his motivation to move on and launch (MBA)Mike Brown Advocacy ™ – Your connection for Real Estate back in 2004. The evolution of Mike Brown Advocacy has given birth to MBA Multisell ™ multiple agent - one commission system.

MBA as heard on 89.9 Light FM and Eastern FM has helped many hundreds of clients buy and sell property all over Australia.

Mike and his wife Vicki know the importance of hard work, unity, honesty and integrity. It is central to building a great family life. 7 Children and 6 grand children testify to this fact!

The same principal applies to Real Estate and has led Mike and his team in the formation of the all NEW mbamultisell™ real estate system.