Trent Brown

Property Consultant

(03) 9727 5588
0420 202 342


A young father of two who owns his own home and is an enthusiastic, highly motivated and passionate sales consultant working at Multisell Real Estate.

With a background in building and construction previously managing a team, this has given Trent a great understanding of the inner workings of the homes he sells, whether it be off the plan, subdivisions or residential sales having this additional product knowledge has been beneficial and he believes is crucial for clients.

Trent works well under pressure, realising that every home is different and therefore each campaign needed is structured and run with that in mind.

The sales process he uses ensures transparency and the end results benefit from the process.
Reviews from clients have testified to the fact time and time again.

Trents personality has made him one who is much admired and liked for his easy going nature, helpfulness and openness about what he does in his everyday commitment to helping people reach their goal to either buy/sell or invest.

His zeal in following up people no matter what stage they are at is his ongoing commitment to being the best loved and respected Agent in the field of real estate.


"Thanks multisell"

Mike signed me up, then Trent took over. I wasn't informed that would happen but I have a son so decided to go with it. Trent was easy going and I felt more comfortable with him. As mentioned Trent was capable, knowledgeable and helped get a great price. He then worked hard contacting people to get an even better price. So i was super pleased.

Elements of selling the house & negotiations were stressful but we always worked things out. I definitely recommend Trent as a salesman.

Elaine was fantastic with communication and so very helpful.

- Ruth

"Trusted and great negotiators!"

We were looking for two things from our real estate agent 1) Someone that we can trust (even if we were located in another state). 2) A great negotiator. We feel that we achieved both in obtaining the services of Trent & Mike Brown. We felt that we were receiving the red carpet service throughout the entire campaign. We were able to trust the regular reports that came in. We received enough information to make timely decisions.

We felt that we were in good hands when it came time to negotiate. The results were the best possible.

- Matt Edwards

"Friendly, Professional and knowledgeable"

I found Trent to be friendly, engaging, knowledgeable + very helpful + professional.

- Frank Duiker

"Communication was clear each step of the way"

We really appreciated the way Trent & the team talked us through the process of selling our property. Communication was clear each step of the way & we were very happy with the result & quick sale.

- Lil & Luke Sparke

"A great quick sale overall"

A great quick sale overall. Both Mike, Trent & the office ladies were friendly, integral and helpful. We appreciated their professionalism and honesty, and that nothing was too much trouble. We would utilize their services again and recommend them to family and friends.

- Stephen & Bronwyn Upton