No Sale: No Fee

At First National Real Estate Mike Brown, we acknowledge that every property, and every transaction, is unique. First, we listen! - We find out what *you* need, want and expect...! - Then we discuss, advise and strategise with you. Based on those conversations, we will adapt our 3-phase Sales process and tailor up to 4 staged campaigns to market your property.

Not every sale warrants the same approach or investment. We offer greater flexibility and we respect your right to choose! We work with and for you to achieve optimal results!

Phase 1 - Campaign 1 is 'OFF MARKET' - *NO SALE: NO FEE*

At no cost to you, we will promote your property directly to our known buyer community using sophisticated, appealing eBooks, the 'VIP / Off Market' page on our website, and the highly regarded First National central website.

As First National in Chirnside Park, we are proudly supported by over 400 co-operative offices throughout Australasia. Our extensive network and combined community of prospective buyers and tenants, vendors and investors give us greater reach to exceed expectations.

It's no accident that First National achieves outstanding results! ...It's no accident that First National was voted #1 by consumers; awarded Canstar Blue's coveted 5-Star Customer Satisfaction Award in 2016 and 2017.

...The off market campaign attracts genuine market-feedback about *your* property. Based on this feedback, we (you and us, together in consultation) may reconsider our marketing strategy and we may revise the Statement of Information and price guide before initiating Campaign #2.

We might attract a compelling offer at this early stage, and you might be tempted to accept and sell already. ...All that we can say is: Marketing is an investment! Typically, we'll encourage you to persist, to advance competition and put upward pressure on the price. Persistence pays!

It's important to note that real estate agents, like us, don't profit from 'vendor-paid advertising.' We pass those costs on without markup. But, 'advertising' is our toolkit and hardware... You wouldn't ask a builder to build a house without a hammer or nails. With the right kit, we *will* achieve better results for you!!!

Achieve the greatest return on your investment.

Contact us to find out more about our 3-phase Sales process and remaining 3 marketing campaigns...
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