How to prepare your property for rental

How to prepare your property for rental

Here’s what you need to do...

Make your house sparkle inside and out Let’s face it, we all judge a book by its cover. What people can see from the road is your front cover so make sure the lawns are mowed and the garden is tidy. This will increase the number of tenants at your inspections.

Secondly you need to scrub your house from top to bottom. You won't believe how many rental properties are dirty and not maintained. Your house will REALLY stand out to better tenants if it’s nice and clean.

Better quality tenants will apply for your property if it’s sparkling clean.

Get all repairs done It can get really costly paying multiple call out fees for minor jobs that you could have done yourself in an afternoon (like replace a tap washer) plus you’ll be amazed on what potential tenants will notice during inspections so make sure all the little things are sorted. Like:

  • All the lights are working
  • There’s no eye catching stains on the carpet
  • Curtains and blinds can open and close
  • Shower door opens smoothly
  • Sliding doors open and close smoothly
  • No holes in the walls or doors
  • All taps can turn on and off easily
  • No cracked windows
  • No jammed windows
  • No electric wires hanging out of walls
  • All power points are secured onto the walls
  • TV antenna is picking up a signal (you may need just a simple booster)
  • Balcony railings or steps are solid and secure
  • Fly screens are all securely fitted
  • All external doors lock and keys copied

These may seem obvious but all the small things add up and tenants are good at noticing when owners don’t care enough about their property.

Telling a tenant that you will do it, is too late (they've been told that all before). The house must be cleaned and well maintained before you start showing new tenants through your home.